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«День Китая»

В рамках работы Клуба юных дипломатов 12 декабря в школе был проведен "День Китая". На открытии ребята узнали о достопримечательностях, экономических и географических особенностях этой замечательной страны.

В этот день в учреждении работали 4 площадки:

1. Китайская мода и фольклор - поэзия и народная сказка "Фея из ракушки";

2. Знакомство с традициями, обычаями и праздниками Китая;

3. Культура Китая, показ мод;

4. Дебат-клуб по теме: "Образование Китая"

Учащимся и учителям предоставилась уникальная возможность:

- увидеть традиционные китайские костюмы и образы, в создании которых приняли участие студенты кумертауского центра профессиональной подготовки;

- насладиться замечательной постановкой китайской народной сказки;

- узнать много нового о культуре Китая;

- принять участие в дискуссии.

Благодарим учителей, работающих в Клубе юных дипломатов за уникальную возможность почувствовать себя гостем в такой замечательной стране!


Отзыв ученика

China Day

 On On the twelfth of December I took part in an exciting event called «China Day». It was organized in our school by «The club of young diplomats» and had some interesting moments.

 It all began with an introduction in the Assembly Hall where some students presented information about the main basements of the Chinese culture. We had an amazing chance to enjoy the Chinese make-up and original hairdos, presented to us by the students of the Kumertau professional centre. The models were girls of our school. Soon after that the audience was to see a beautiful video of how to celebrate a traditional Chinese holiday called «The day of lanterns» which was initiatively made by a group of students.

Then the artists showed us the fairy- tale «Shell fairy» about a poor guy who found the magic shell and fought with unfair authorities in the face of the villain named Mandarin.

Later on «the main body» of the celebration started. All of the students were divided into different sectors. The first one led the debate about Chinese education. The second one had a whole show about male and female fashion in China. Participants had a chance to see hand-made clothes which looked pretty similarly to what real Chinese wear. The third one, to put it in end, had interactive games with small classes.

All in all, the event ended up with summing up the results in the Assembly Hall. Everyone felt excited about learning something new about China in such a creative form.

To conclude, «The club of diplomats» has made a big job with preparation of such a busy event and we are ready to organize something new to raise pupils’ world out-look.


 Pukhalskiy Iliya


Grade 10




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